Top 3 Essentials for Your First Hip-Hop Dance Class

Hip-hop is a fusion dance genre that incorporates various styles and cultures into its choreography and movements. It’s one of the most freeing forms of self-expression. It’s fun, vibrant, and dynamic. Dancers can learn to be charismatic and confident; it’s no wonder why people worldwide try their best to learn it.

So if you’re just starting, or maybe you’ve yet to attend your first class, you might be a little intimidated. Perhaps you’re worried about what to bring, how to fit in, and so on. There’s no need to fret because the class environment is often open and all about moving and improving yourself rather than impressing others.

But there are some essentials you can bring to help you feel more comfortable and get in the zone; the following are the top three essentials every newbie hip hop dancer should bring:

Your Outfit

Now, hip-hop was born from the need to express and be free, so no matter what you’re inclined to wear, no one’s going to judge you. That said, when it comes to this genre of dance, the movements are big and bold. You’re going to want to dress in casual and comfortable clothes.

In dance videos, you’ll often find the dancers dressed in baggy and oversized clothes, crop tops, tanks tops and so on. It gives you a full range of motion while still being completely covered. A nice graphic tee can also add to your confidence and overall swag. Don’t be afraid to wear your interests on your shirt.

For bottoms, leggings, sweat pants, or shorts will do, but if you might want to wear some knee guards if you choose to wear shorts in case of floor work. Girls and women should also make sure to wear breathable but medium to high impact sports bras. You’re going to be doing a lot of moving, which can hurt if your chest is not adequately supported.

Whatever you wear, wear it with style and confidence. Some light jewellery could be added but make sure it’s not too much. It’s still a dance class, and the movements could send those shiny but dangerous pieces of metal flying across the room.

Your Shoes

Hip-hop is versatile and adaptive. Almost any style of clothes can work for a hip-hop dance class, and the same goes for shoes. You’ll want to wear something with good traction but not too much that it becomes hard to move. Some well-worn sneakers should be good enough for your classes.

As long as you wear something with some hold, you should be okay. If your shoes are so worn that the soles are smooth, that might be bad too. You might end up slipping or falling during class.

If you’re going to go out and buy a new pair of sneakers for dance class, be sure to break them in first. Using brand new shoes for dance can hurt your feet if you’re not careful.

Your Attitude

When we say bring your attitude, we mean your confidence, your joy, and your excitement. While hip hop is a free and open dance genre, there is a level of friendly competition during classes. You want to engage your fellow dancers through dance, and that will require some confidence on your part.


Just remember that nobody ever starts perfect, some people are more gifted than others, but with effort and hard work, you will get there too. You just need to have fun and stay committed to learning the craft. In no time at all, you should be popping, locking, and breaking with the rest of them.

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