Our Guide to Doing the Perfect Ballet Bun

As a dancer, you’ve probably put your hair in a bun countless times. Have you ever been curious about what makes a perfect ballet bun or how to make one? What makes it stay in place as you dance around?

You no longer need to worry because we’ve created a simple guide to creating that perfect ballet bun. Here are the steps:

1. It’s All in the Secure Ponytail: begin by brushing your hair away from your face and smoothing it over. Then, gather it up into a ponytail positioned in the exact place you want the finished bun to be. Secure it with an elastic band and ensure it doesn’t move. Neaten the ponytail to ensure the bun is smooth and silk by using a small comb. Ensure that the ponytail doesn’t have bumps, too.

2. Use Hairspray: if you have thin and fine hair, using hairspray and teasing your hair can give it more volume and texture. You can also put hairspray on your hairpins so they will grip your hair better. If you have shorter hair, you can use a bun ring or a hair doughnut.

3. A Bun Net: a bun net may not be necessary for the everyday bun but for performances, you’ll need them to make your bun tight and secure. Twist the bun net around your bun multiple times, depending on the volume of your hair. This twisting technique also makes your bun look neater and keeps stray ends of your hair from breaking free. If you want a bigger bun, you can loosen the bun net, and tighten it for a smaller one.

4. Keep It Neat: Press your hand flat on top of the bun while wrapping it around your hair. That prevents it from getting too high. If your bun sticks out like a doorknob, you are probably wrapping the end of your ponytail too close to the elastic band.

5. Hair Grips: Hair grips help secure your bun in place by flattening baby hairs located underneath your bun at the back of your head and the sides.

6. Dampen Your Hair: if you have short or heavily layered hair, it’s best to keep it slightly damp. Then use a hair net matching your hair color to contain any stray ends from the ballet bun.

7. U-Shaped Hairpins: These hairpins are great for holding a bun in place, unlike a bobby pin that is designed to grab the hair with the ridged side down. The u-shaped hairpin goes in flat, which holds better. When putting hairpins on the bun, direct each pin down toward the scalp at the end of the bun.

8. A Smoothing Brush: To end the look, use a smoothing brush and a tiny amount of hair gel or spray to neaten any wispy hairs around the hairline. Then, you should be good to go!

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive but straightforward bun tutorial should help you achieve that perfect ballet bun look! It only takes a couple of steps but promises excellent results. Now, you can have a perfect ballet bun every day. Check yourself in the mirror and see that you’re ready to perform!

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