How to Ensure the Right Fit for Children Ballerina Attire

A ballet dancer's costume is arguably their most important piece of attire. Ballet costumes are specially designed to move with the body while still appearing graceful and light. We will now take an in-depth look at how you can ensure the right fit for your children.

Fitting Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are made with either elastic or leather. Ballet shoes tend to fit smaller than normal, as they need to fit tight around the foot.

There are three ways to determine the right size:

  1. Ballet students should always be fitted in the same size as their street shoes.
  1. Those with narrow feet should choose a shoe that's 1/2 size smaller than their street shoe.
  1. Those with wide feet should choose a shoe that's 1/2 size larger than their street shoe.

Fitting Ballet Leotards

The best-fitting leotards are those made from stretchy materials, such as Lycra, to accommodate the body's movement during dance.

A good way to get the right fit is to make sure the length of the leotard reaches the middle of the kneecap or higher.

If the leotard is too long, the dancer may trip on it when taking jumps. On the other hand, if the leotard is too short, the crotch will be exposed. 

Fitting Ballet Cardigans

Cardigans have many uses for ballet dancers. They can be worn over leotards for warmth during rehearsals, or over costumes to make an ensemble.

Cardigans should fit snugly over the upper arms, waists and around the arms. They should not slip or slide around while the dancer is moving.

A good measurement to ensure the right fit is to ensure there is a 1" or 2" difference between the third finger and the edge of the cardigan.

Fitting Ballet Tutus

Tutus are often made from velvet or tulle. They can be big and heavy, and the material tends to be slippery.

To ensure a good fit, the tutu should be pulled up to the dancer's knees and still be snug. Tutus should be able to stay in place while dancing and not ride up.

Other Tips to Remember:

Here are other tips for proper fitting ballet attire for children:

  • Wear your street clothes first to ensure your size is correct.
  • Make sure your ballet clothes fit tight but not snug.
  • Make sure your ballet clothes are never too tight or too loose.
  • Make sure your ballet clothes fit you comfortably and are not itchy.
  • Make sure your ballet clothes look presentable, whether at a performance or on a practice day.

In addition to the right fit, ballet attire should be comfortable, stylish, and fun to wear. The right fit allows the student to focus on what they are there to do: dance. If a dancer is uncomfortable in their clothes, they will not be able to focus on the music and their instructors.

Proper fitting ballet attire is the best way to ensure a dancer's safety and comfort while performing. 

Dance Away!

The fit of ballet attire is the most crucial aspect of choosing the proper attire. The attire must be comfortable, fit the dancer properly and allow them to move freely and gracefully. The best way to make sure you have the right fit for your attire is to make sure it is snug but not too tight and that the dancer has room to move. Ballet attire is an essential part of ballet dancing. 

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