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How to take care of your Pink Lemon Garment

Manufacturing Guarantee Only

Pink Lemon Dancewear will not take responsibility for deterioration of fabrics, loss of colour or effect.

General Washing instructions for all fabrics

Hand wash inside out in cold tap water

Dry in shade immediately

Do not use strong detergents, wool mix, wool wash or any other eucalyptus based detergents

Do not use fabric softener

Do not leave PLD Sets soaking in water

Do not leave your PLD Set rolled, folded or scrunched up whilst damp as colours may run

Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight

Do not tumble dry or iron

Lace Fabric

Lace is a delicate fabric that requires special care.

Areas that incur friction may show some signs of wear

Avoid rough areas that may catch lace

Mystique, Glitter, Holographic and Metallic Fabric

Mystique, Glitter patterned, holographic and metallic fabrics may get dull with wear and repeated washing.

Areas that incur friction may show some loss of shine or foil

Areas in contact with perspiration and sweating may also show some loss of shine.

Sequinned fabric

Avoid rough surfaces

Do not wring but allow your PLD garment to drip dry flat in the shade.

By taking care of your PLD set you will get so much enjoyment from your investment.