What You Have to Know When Purchasing a Dance Leotard

Dance leotards are available in a variety of styles, ranging from the traditional to strap backs and halters. While your dance teacher or studio may impose leotard rules regarding style and colour, you must also know what you should look for in a leotard in order to dance and perform at your best. This is why it’s important to get your hands on a shopping guide for dance leotards.

Read on as you discover what you have to know when purchasing a dance leotard.

The Cut 

Today, leotards are available in a variety of styles, such as tank, camisole, halter, boatneck, turtleneck, and off-the-shoulder. In choosing the cut that you want, it’s all about how you feel in it. For this, try looking for darts on the side, front, and back of leotards. This ensures that the garment is snug but comfortable to wear. 

Also, when buying leotards, pay close attention to the size charts. Some brands of dance leotards may run smaller or larger, so it’s best to get a good fit before you purchase them. If in doubt, go up a size. 

The best leotards fit like a second skin. They shouldn’t slack or bunch up at the shoulders, stomach, hips, or bottom. It also shouldn't be too tight. Straps should not be too loose or protrude too far into your skin. 

Note that a good-fitting leotard must be able to stretch with your body. You shouldn’t have to adjust them or think about them while wearing them.

Look for cuts in X-Long sizes to accommodate your longer torso if you are taller than average. Look for styles with a lining or a leotard that includes an integrated bra if you have a large chest. A regular or sports bra can be worn underneath a more modest style leotard. Details 

There are plain leotards and ones embellished with lace and jewels. While these can be entertaining in a dance class, they can also detract from a clean line. 

The Fabric and Material

The fabric you select is critical. Dance leotards are made of various materials, including Lycra and spandex, which provide the stretch and comfort that dancers need. Velvet and metallics, on the other hand, have a more dramatic appearance, although they may be stiff and constricting, especially if your shoulders are broad. Velvets are also lovely, but they can make you feel hot and sweaty when worn as a dance leotard. There are also dance leotards that are made with sheer fabric, which allows dancers to wear them during practice or performances for the utmost modesty.

Additionally, Lycra can be found in dress leotards, while spandex is more common in one-piece leotards. 

The Colour 

The majority of people associate a dance leotard with the colour pink, which is still a popular colour for younger dancers. It's a classic look that flatters any skin tone and looks great on any dancer.


When looking for a dance leotard, you want to know that it is breathable, secure, durable and comfortable. It should not restrict any movement, should not be itchy, and it should not leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. The latest dance leotards are made out of synthetic and natural fabrics such as lycra and cotton, both of which offer the right level of elasticity, comfort and breathability.

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