Women’s Guide on What to Wear to Different Dance Classes

Often, people who have little to no experience in dancing fail to understand the importance of proper dancewear. If you are attending a dance class anytime soon, you have to make sure that you have the correct type of clothing suitable to the form of dance you’ll be learning.

Worry not, though. If you don’t have even the slightest clue as to what to wear to your dance class, this guide can help you figure out what to prepare.

What To Wear for Ballet Dance Class

Ballerina Leotard, High-Waisted Dance Shorts and Crop Tops: These are the basic ballerina clothes that most people wear to a ballet dance lesson. If you have observed, these types of clothing have a tight fit that hugs your body. The reason for that is to make it easier for your instructor to see and check your posture as you move.

As for footwear, you’ll need soft ballet shoes as this is the standard footwear for all levels. You can also wear socks, but make sure to wear ones that have some kind of grip to them to prevent slipping.

What To Wear for Contemporary Dance Class

Loose-Fitting Shirts and Dance Leggings: These are good clothing options for contemporary dance lessons since ease of movement is a dire requirement for this kind of dance class. It’s also critical to prepare clothes made of a sturdy yet flexible material so they won’t easily rip.

You’re not really required to wear any footwear since you can dance around with bare feet. But for added protection, you can wear contemporary half shoes or foot gloves to class.

What To Wear for Ballroom Dance Class

Blouse, Shirts, Jeans and Dresses: These are the types of clothes you can wear for ballroom dance classes. In general, there’s really no dress code as you’re recommended to wear anything that you can freely move in.

For footwear, wearing shoes with heels is preferable but not required. To help with balance and turns, you can opt for ballroom shoes with suede soles.

What To Wear for Hip-Hop Dance Class

Shirt, Crop Top, Tank Top, Leggings, Baggy Trousers, Sweat Pants and Booty Shorts: These are excellent types of clothing to wear to your hip-hop dance lesson. The general idea is to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in as hip-hop involves a lot of popping dance moves.

As for your feet, it’s better to wear trainers (preferably leisure trainers) instead of sneakers because they have less grip. Because hip-hop sometimes involves gliding, you’re better off with a pair of shoes that can make sliding and moving across the floor a lot easier.


There is a good reason why most dance lessons come with dress codes. Wearing proper dancewear is not just for show because your clothing can affect your performance when dancing. To execute some moves, you have to wear suitable types of clothes. Furthermore, proper attire can help you stay safe and comfortable during dance lessons.

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