Ballerina Buns: FAQs and How to Tie the Perfect Bun

Ballerinas always look so poised and graceful. A significant part of what completes this look of sophistication is the ever-famous ballerina bun. Even little girls just starting and learning to dance should have their hair in this neat updo.

If you are a newbie ballet parent, knowing the basics of how to make the perfect ballerina bun is a must. You may be wondering why your little ballerina needs to have her hair in a tight bun. This blog post will answer any questions you may have about the required hairstyle for your little dancers. 

Ballerina Buns: FAQs and How to Tie the Perfect Bun

Tying the perfect bun takes practice. However, as a parent, you may be wondering why this hair is necessary for your little girl. Here is what you need to know about ballerina buns 

Why Do Ballerinas Have to Wear Buns?

There are four integral parts to the answer to this question. Ballerinas need to wear buns, and the reasons extend further than just being a fashion choice for dancers. 

1 - It Makes Turning Easier

When a ballerina turns, she needs to find a spot to look at, whip her head around to have her eyes fall on the same spot as before. This is called “spotting,” and ballerinas (and danseurs, too!) need to spot to avoid getting dizzy, especially when they have to do more than ten turns at a time. Wearing a bun will avoid getting strands of hair in the ballerina’s eyes and face and make it easier to turn.

2 - Uniformity and Neatness

Having a ballerina tie their hair in a bun will help the audience concentrate on the dancer’s movements. If the hair is loose, it may take away from the overall performance.

3 - Better Balance

A neat and tightly wound bun will help ballerinas find their center of balance more easily. A bun will help dancers execute complex movements and turns like pirouettes, fouettés, tour jetes and other turning movements. Turns are some of the most challenging ballet steps, and wearing a bun will help make them just a tiny bit easier.

Tie the Perfect Ballerina Bun

1 - Pull The Hair into a Ponytail

The first step is to pull your little one’s hair into a ponytail. You can make your ponytail as high or low as you want. 

2 - Twist Your Ponytail into a Rope

Next, twist the hair into a rope to make it easier to curl into itself. Then twirl the hair into a round bun around the base of the ponytail.

3 - Secure It

When you are happy with the position of the bun, secure it using bobby pins and hairspray.

4 - Finish It Off with a Hair Net

Lastly, cover the bun with a hairnet to secure it even further. If you are dressing your child up for a ballet recital, add their hair accessory. If you are tying their bun for ballet class, you may choose to tie a ribbon (that matches the colour of their leotard) around the bun.


Nailing the perfectly fixed bun on your little ballerina is crucial. It will teach them good habits and learn how to tie their own bun from a young age. Keeping their hair out of their face will help them concentrate on learning the proper technique and developing muscle memory. 

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