A Short and Simple Introduction to Choosing Booty Shorts

Coming up with a dance outfit isn’t all that difficult, though there are tons of elements that have to go into choosing the tops and bottoms. Moving around a lot and sweating doesn’t do well for some clothes’ material and style. Getting inspiration and finding the right fit can take a bit of extra browsing online.

Shorts and a white shirt are pretty self-explanatory. When it comes to dancewear for girls, booty shorts are becoming more and more of a must-have because of how breathable and flexible it is. 

If you’re looking to buy booty shorts, here’s all that you need to know:

Defining Booty Shorts

There’s no end to all the kinds of shorts on the market. Booty shorts land in the category of short shorts but are definitely more comfortable than some. It can be best to describe them as a combination of boy shorts and cycling shorts.

Runners, dancers and athletes can find solace in booty shorts because they’re perfect for just about any activity. Depending on the material, they have a reputation of being very stretchable and sweat-appropriate. The cut also provides a special emphasis on a person’s behind, which can be great for lots of dance moves. Young girls wearing booty shorts for practice or a performance can move easily without worry.

Buying Booty Shorts

If you’re going to start window-shopping or checking some booty shorts online, there are a couple of things you can benefit from thinking about. Firstly is the length of the booty shorts. Although comfortable, some pairs can seem all too revealing.

Price can also be a factor that you need to consider. Getting cheaper ones may mean mass-produced and lower quality. Try to get booty shorts that have a mid-point price and considerably good reviews.

Colour is also something to think of when eyeing what booty shorts you want to order. There are many that can come in vibrant colours to help spice up your child’s look a little. Choose ones that can match her footwear and shirt or something that personally speaks to her. If all hues don’t seem to appeal, black is something that you don’t really have to think twice about. 

Wearing Booty Shorts

Once you’ve finally purchased booty shorts for your young one, it’s time for them to wear and style them. Plain shirts will do for that simple look, but a cropped tee or tank top can really help free up the upper body alongside the lower body. 

In all honesty, just about any top can suit booty shorts. It’s just best to choose a similar breathable fabric that can help every movement feel light and fluid throughout the whole dance routine. Remember to check the label when it’s time to put the booty shorts into the wash!


Booty shorts are a truly versatile piece of activewear that’s perfect for just about any day or recital. If your child doesn’t have a pair in their closet yet, it’s time to make a new addition and check out a few for their next dance practices. 

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