Ideal Way to Take Care of Dance Costumes and Dancewear

Whether for practice or performance use, it can be pricey to get dance costumes for kids. The same goes for dancewear in general, dance shoes and even cheer uniforms. A great way to be cost-efficient when it comes to these situations is knowing the best way to care for them and clean them too. 

What's the Ideal Way to Take Care of Dance Costumes and Dancewear?

Dance Costumes

Dance outfits for girls and boys vary widely, and this includes costumes. A lot of them, especially the ones for kids, are just meant for one-time use. At most, maybe, they can be used twice since their materials are rather expensive. Whatever you do, don't wash or clean them before the performance. It's possible for them to end up losing shape or not survive the cleaning process.

Sometimes, costumes are meant to be passed on to another person. In those cases, any cleaning directions should be read and understood thoroughly. A number of them can just go through handwashing with a mild detergent in cold water. Before the wash, take all the trimmings or bows off that can be removed. 

Avoid wringing the costume, and roll it in a towel for excess moisture to be removed instead. Skip the dryer or direct sunlight, going with air-drying instead.

It should be noted that leather, satin, chiffon or velvet costumes must be sent to a professional dry cleaner instead.


The modern leotard tends to be made out of materials that are high-performance. Those generally require a special kind of care, in order for both texture and the stretch to be maintained. To avoid snags with leotards that have a solid colour, they need to get turned inside-out prior to any washing. 

Hand wash them or use a gentle cycle with a mild detergent meant for sportswear. Fabric softeners are a no-no in this case. They can end up building on fibres, rendering the entire leotard far less breathable. 

When it comes to the water, cold or warm are the only acceptable temperatures. Hot is absolutely not an option. Have them hanging in direct sunlight to dry instead of using a dryer. In the absence of direct sunlight, hanging it by a radiator or similar heat sources will do the trick.

Stained leotards should be treated prior to any washing. That said, there are typically particular ways to handle each stain. Heavily soiled garments or those with perspiration marks, for example, will benefit greatly from a solution of cool water and bleach that's oxygen-based. A good rule of thumb is to follow the directions on the package. The leotard should be soaked for at least two hours all the way up to overnight prior to actual washing.

Metallic Leotards

This bears special mention because metallic threads used in these are very delicate. Certainly more so than regular fibres, since they can tarnish or break in the wash. These need to be hand-washed gently without fabric softeners.


Dance costumes are incredibly important, and knowing how to care for them is key. This is because many dance costumes aren't meant for more than a single use. Leotards, on the other hand, are made of high-performance materials. Fabric softeners should be avoided in general, and care directions for all of them must be thoroughly understood.

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