Dancewear Guide: Wearing the Right Ballet Clothes for Your First Class

Ballet is one of the most traditional forms of dancing, but it exudes a sense of timelessness that makes it compelling for all ages. So many girls dream of becoming a ballerina someday, so if you have a little princess who’s about to live the fantasy with her first ballet class, we can imagine the excitement she feels. 

Ballet focuses on bringing out the aspiring dancer’s finesse, but many things can hold your little girl back from moving to her full potential. Part of the most important aspects of dancing is the clothes since the correct dress code makes it easier for the dancer to feel comfortable in every movement. 

The proper dancewear for ballet also helps teachers see the dancer’s alignment, allowing them to correct the next steps compared to baggy clothes, hiding poor practices. But when shopping for the best ballet clothes, some qualities make for a seamless ensemble.

What are the Ballet Clothing Essentials You Need to Know?


The most basic apparel for ballet students is the leotards, which look similar to one-piece bathing suits. They hug the body in all the right places and achieve the perfect fit for different body types, bringing out the ballerina’s understated elegance with its simple yet functional look. 

Leotards typically come in either pale pink or black, both of which exudes sophistication. They can also come in various colours, textures, or designs, but it’s best to consult with your child’s ballet teacher first for the proper dress code. 

Another great feature about ballet leotards for women is that they come with in-built pads to support the breasts, so adult ballerinas don’t need to wear a bra. 


Ballet is all about making wide movements with both arms and legs, so wearing breathable tights is a must to allow your little ballerina to comfortably stretch, bend, jump, and more. Tights make room for better flexibility, plus it also helps minimise the risk of sustaining injury by keeping the leg muscles warm. 

Ballet Shoes 

The shoes play a critical role in the success and comfort of the dancer, so ballet slippers allow for graceful movement. This means your kid can easily slide across the floor with a reduced risk of slipping due to the ballet slippers’ grip. 

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Wearing the Right Dance Clothes for Your Ballet Class

Dancing is all about embracing free-flowing movement, but the clothes you wear can make or mar your groove. The ensemble you wear not only helps you stand out on the stage, but it allows all dancers like you to stay comfortable and safe. 

Are You Looking for the Best Ballerina Clothes For Your Little Girl?

Ballet is a graceful dance that heavily influences one’s self-confidence, so it’s only right to wear the right fitting ballerina clothes that can let your little girls move freely with poise. Our dancewear store in Australia, Pink Lemon Dancewear, can help young, aspiring dancers to feel comfortable and confident in class. Check out our extensive selection of dance costumes for kids! 

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