A Guide to Finding the Leotard That Flatters Your Body

Besides learning new moves, wearing costumes has been one of the most exciting things about having a dance class. If your dance school does not provide you with costumes, you can pick your own leotards. If you want to ensure that your leotards will last for a long time, you need to find the right fit for you. 

How to Find the Right Leotard for Your Body Shape

Choosing the best leotard for your body size can be challenging since people’s bodies differ in shape and size. But this article will tell you about the best leotard to buy for your body frame. 

If You Have a Pear Shape

Pear shape means that your bottom is curvier than other parts of your body. It usually means a small and defined waist and also a small bust. If this is your body shape, find leotard styles that have a low-cut leg line. The goal is to fully cover your bottom and create that balance in your figure. You can also choose leotards that have details around the bust to make the same effect.

If You Have an Apple Shape

Apple shape means that you have a medium bust, a rounder tummy without a defined waist, and a flatter bottom. If this is your body type, find leotard styles that have precise details by the waist seam. One example is a leotard with a belt design. This accessory will create the illusion that cuts your tummy and create that balance. Besides waist details, you can also explore leotard styles with bust designs. They would look flattering to your body type.

If You Have an Hourglass Shape

The hourglass-shaped body is just like how you visually imagine it. You have a larger bust, a slim-defined waist, and a curvy bottom too. Here are the dos and don’ts when choosing what leotard style to wear.


  1. Do wear leotards with square or gentle scope necklines.
  2. Find designs with a unique back, such as printed or mesh backs, to give you a fancy and cute look.
  3. A full-back leotard, on the other hand, will provide you with the bust support you need.


  1. Don’t wear any styles with waist seams or belts as they would only emphasize your waist.
  2. The same goes for styles with turtle necks or mandarin collars.
  3. Avoid leotards with a high back and low front.
  4. Do not attempt to wear anything with bust details. Any of the mentioned restrictions here would only make your body look disproportionate.

If You Have an Athletic Shape

Athletic shape refers to the bodies with a muscular physique, in-between size for the bust and the bottom, and a slightly to no defined waist. The best leotard for your body shape depends on your visual goals. Here are some notes that can help you:

  1. If you aim to create a more feminine look, find leotards with details such as lace or camisole straps. 
  2. If you want to show off your back muscles, you can try leotards with low back styles or those halter types. 

If You Have a Slender Shape

Slender bodies refer to those thin or bony body types, meaning a smaller bust, a flatter bottom, and a slightly defined waist. It is the body type for most children as well. If you or your kid belong to this category, know that many different styles would go nicely with your body type. However, there are also styles that you must avoid:

  1. Avoid styles with a deep v back since they might be too open or slip off your arms and shoulders. 
  2. Wearing halters, neck straps, or scoop necks might only drop down while you are wearing it since the straps could be too long for your figure.

You can wear straight leotards, those with high backs, camisoles with straight backs, those with collars, and any additional details. 


Finding a quality leotard does not just involve relying on what style you think fits your taste. The most important thing is that it is perfect for your shape and size, and you or your kid can dance comfortably. No one wants to dance their heart out wearing amazing styles but pulling and pushing fabric in between. Keep these tips in mind and find quality material you can use for a long time.

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