What Is the Ideal Age for Signing Up for Dance Classes?

Is your child starting to show interest in dance? Or, even if your child isn’t, a dance class can be instrumental in their development. However, many parents are unsure whether it’s the perfect time for their child to attend dance classes. So, what is the best age to start dance classes? 

The Magic Number Is…

Three is said to be the right age to enrol a child in a dance class. By this age, your child can already be a little independent in terms of knowing how to use the bathroom properly and not call for mum and dad every single time. 

Some kids aged three are already enrolled in daycare or preschool, which means they can already understand instructions. Dance classes require following instructions, so if your child is exposed to a school environment before, they can more or less take direction from their dance teacher. Since both dance classes and preschool classes are conducted in groups, your child will be more comfortable if they’ve started attending group classes before.

Now, if your child is around eight, nine, or even ten, keep in mind that it’s not too late to start. After all, kids of all ages are like sponges; they can absorb information and bring their newfound knowledge and skills until adulthood.

What Can a Child Get from a Dance Class?

1. Skills Development

Dance classes are just like any other classes; they can help your child learn new things, from critical thinking to collaboration. In a dance class, the teacher will provide instruction, and it’s up to your child on how to interpret that instruction. Their physical, mental and emotional skills are developed in every session.

Dance classes usually involve a short period where students can explore different moves and steps by themselves. During this brief period, your child can learn how to learn dances independently. 

2. Supplementary Education

It’s common to see children who dance perform well in class, too. As mentioned, dance classes are just like classes done in a four-walled classroom. Here, they can memorise steps, listen to the teacher, experiment and explore and apply all their learnings in the end. They can even bring the skills and best practices they learn during dance class to school. 

3. Discipline and Perseverance

Dance routines require them to master steps, which means they have to practice. This also teaches them the importance of perseverance that they can apply later in their life. 

Other things your child can get from dance classes are stamina, endurance, range of motion, flexibility, coordination and balance. They will also get a heightened sense of self that is crucial to a growing child. 


If you’re looking for activities for your child, dance classes are perfect, and you can start them as early as three years old. There are so many things they can learn from a dance class. Moreover, no matter what path they take as they grow, it’s likely that the things they learn in dance class will influence it. So, it’s time to look for dance classes for your child! It’s a great experience. Who knows? Your child might like it!

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