A Parent's Guide to Cheaper Dancewear for Children

Dancing is a wonderful way to express yourself, make friends, and improve various factors like socialization, fitness, and coordination. Even medical professionals have long confirmed how different styles of dance can help development across ages. This is what makes it such a great activity for children should they express interest. 

That said, it’s natural to consider the costs of helping your children pursue dance. Whether or not you choose to enrol your child in lessons, it will be important to equip them with the proper clothing. Thankfully, there are affordable options when it comes to dance costumes for kids. 

Get the Basics

No matter what type of dance your child is into, there are some pieces of dancewear that will likely have to be in their kit anyway. If you’re not sure where to start, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of black dance leotards. Leotards work for both practice and shows, and a wide variety of genres make use of them.

Your child’s leotard should be form-fitting but not too tight that it causes any discomfort or restricts breathing and movement. It’s good practice to start off your child with at least two different pairs, with one being a nude or lighter colour to be worn under other garments.

You can pair this with the necessary shoes and tights. Again, tights aren’t limited by genre. Whether your kid is doing hip-hop or tap, this will help them hit any extensions and move comfortably. It’s up to you if you want to get full-coverage tights that wrap around the feet or not.

As for shoes, certain dance styles require specific shoes. Instead, the go-to pair to think about first is what they’ll wear after dancing. It should not be painful on their feet and should allow breathability.

Figure Out What Genre Your Child Likes

This can help you to narrow down your child’s lessons to one focus. This way, you only need to get themed gear and costumes that can be updated easily. It will also ensure that you don’t buy anything unnecessary. 

For instance, ballet clothes can come in handy for ballet, but a tap class would require tap shoes. Modern dance gears towards trainers and numerous forms of ballroom require heeled shoes. 

Consider Their Age and Growth

For your child to perform well and not risk any injury, it’s imperative to get them dancewear that fits them correctly. That said, it’s a good idea to consider what stage of development they are in when purchasing clothes for the long term. 

A growing child at the onset of puberty may, for example, may easily outgrow a leotard that fits them exactly. Take this into account without going for sizes that are bigger so that it doesn’t hinder your child. A little room for alteration may not hurt.


From the practice essentials to the flashier performance outfits, there are things that can give your child the dancewear they need without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re a little overwhelmed about what to pick, the notes above will be just right to start you off.

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