Dancewear for Kids: What Should Kids Wear to Dance Classes?

Dancing is a great outlet for children who want to release their creative energy and become incredible performers. However, as a parent, you are responsible for the things that they can’t do themselves yet. For one, you have to find the right dance studio, enrol them, and take them to class regularly. And of course, you need to get them the right dancewear.

What your child wears to their class can have an impact on their performance. They can’t use jeans or joggers as these are not great for flexible movement. Before you go shopping, it is best to consult their dance teacher on what you can get them for the class.

Once you get their recommendations, here is a basic guide to what you should get them:

An Outfit Guide for Kids for Dance Class

Basic Dance Class Essentials

  • Extra Hair Tie - if your child has long hair, it needs to be tied up so that it does not stick to their face while dancing. You can tie their hair before heading to class, but have them carry extras just in case.
  • Extra Clothes - Your child can’t come in and leave with the same clothes they had on during class. They will be sweaty and need to change out of their outfits. If there is no changing room or, you can get them a tracksuit to wear over their dance clothes. It also helps to pack extra undergarments and a jacket in case things get cold after practice.
  • Towel - This may not be a piece of clothing, but it is necessary to bring a portable towel they can use to dry themselves off.
  • Gym Bag - Of course, you need somewhere to store all their items. A gym bag will fit all of these just fine.

The Dancewear

Most dance studios suggest the same kind of dancewear: leotards, tights, or sports shorts with something comfortable on top. When you’re shopping for your kid, it’s best to find clothes with breathable materials that are stretchy enough to keep up with their movements. For maturing girls, they would have to be accustomed to a sports bra for maximum comfort.

Some specialty dancing classes would, of course, have their own dress codes. Ballroom dancing classes and ballet all have specific requirements in attire.

The Shoes

Shoes would be of no concern if you signed your child up for conventional classes. They will be barefoot most of the time. However, specialty classes have a set of their own requirements. Some forms of dance need sneakers, and others need a nice pair of dancing heels.


What your child wears matters in any type of dance class. The wrong clothes can restrict their movements and can affect their performance. Investing in proper dance clothes with high-quality materials means your child can use them for much longer. This is a much better investment than getting them cheap clothing that won’t last three months.

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