Proper Ways to Dress Your Toddler for Their Dance Lessons

So, your toddler is interested in dance lessons. This is a great opportunity for them to develop their skills, socialise, and learn something they can enjoy well into their adulthood. The first thing to get sorted is what they’ll wear.

Though there are many dance costumes for kids, there are basic pieces they’ll need to have in order to properly train. The specifics will be dependent on the type of dance they want to pursue, which will be covered below.


Many people associate ballet with tutus, but this is only actually worn in performances. For practice and classes, your child will need a fitted outfit to wear. Leotards paired with high-wasted dance shorts or leggings should do the trick for both boys and girls. A singlet or snug shirt will also pair well with leggings if you don’t have a leotard.

The outfits need to be snugly fit because ballet is largely dependent on form. That said, you should make sure not to get something too tight as it will end up restricting your child’s movement. Toddlers can start out barefoot or with socks until they are able to transition to ballet slippers.


Jazz is often considered an offshoot of ballet, though the former has different movements. The latter is also more fluid and modern. You’ll likely want to go for a whole outfit of trainers, leggings, and a fitted shirt. The tops here are less strictly regimented, though you still want to give your child their best range of motion and comfort.


Tap can be very fun for toddlers and has a more manageable learning curve. You don’t want restrictive clothing to hinder your child from tap dancing, especially since they’ll be moving and jumping around pretty rapidly. If your child is set on tap, the most important part of their outfit will be their tap shoes.

If your toddler is just starting out, any hard-soled shoes with a slight heel can be a good kick-off point.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is one of the more rambunctious dances available to your child. Outfits here tend to be looser, though they should still cling properly to your child so they don’t injure themselves. Any breathable shirt or a hoodie paired with joggers or shorts will work. Top it off with well-fitting rubber shoes so they can match all the movies without hurting their feet.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is really geared towards toddlers because it’s relaxed and can help the younger spectrum of toddlers get in tune with their movement. Their motor and listening skills are engaged in a fun way here. 

Because of its nature, this type of dance doesn’t really have a strict outfit requirement. As long as your toddler is wearing a comfortable outfit that lets them move with ease, they’ll be good to go. It’s also best to avoid outfits they can trip on or have too many distracting elements.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to support children in their creative pursuits. Young children are at a very malleable stage where they can truly most benefit from the cognitive and physical shifts that come from dancing. If they’re properly dressed, they can derive more enjoyment out of the art form because they are comfortable.

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