5 Things to Ask Before Your Child Begins Dance Classes

Are you looking for a fun activity your child can do after school and during holiday breaks? Dance is a great way to help your child have a channel for physical activity, improved social skills, and a creative outlet.

Now that you’re thinking about it, here are some questions to ask yourself to identify whether dance classes as an activity for your child would be a good choice.

1. Who Can Start Taking Dance Classes?

Any child can be enrolled to get dance lessons, even those as young as two years old. However, it is important to make sure that your child really wants to enter the world of dance and take classes. After all, they will have to listen to a teacher, follow instructions, and participate in activities. Show them different types of dance videos and ask them if learning how to move like that is something that they’re interested in.

2. What Should Your Child Wear in Dance Class?

Though you may think that a fluffy tutu and some kids’ leotards are the perfect outfits for a dance class, that may not always be the case. Yes, these costumes are used, but only for performances. If you want to know what the dance studio wants your child to wear, you can ask them for their specific class requirements.

Some studios are particular with the colour of the tights or the leotards the dancers must wear. While others only require the students to be uniform in terms of the shirts that they wear. Should there be no uniform required, stick with something comfortable and simple, so your child won’t be distracted while they are moving a lot.

3. What Happens during Dance Class?

Every dance studio and dance class follow different approaches to lessons. Generally, though, they follow a particular routine. First, the students go through stretching and other warm-up exercises to wake up their bodies. Then, they will be taught various movements, steps, and techniques through subsequent lessons. Some sessions might also involve rehearsing routines to perform in recitals and presentations.

If you want to see what happens in a dance class, you can schedule an observation session or sign up for a sample class.

4. Are Parents Allowed to Sit In and Observe?

It can be tempting to stay and watch your child’s lessons so you can ensure that they are safe, having fun, or making progress in their dance career. Some studios would allow you to do it every once in a while, but some studios are strict and restrict parents from coming in so the young dancers won’t be distracted from their lessons.

5. What Is the Standard Dance Studio Etiquette?

If you are unsure how to prepare your child for a dance studio routine, you can talk to the studio owners, teachers, and other parents. Some studios may have a parent handbook that you can use to understand what is expected of you and your child. Here, you will get to know the cost of the tuition, how often you have to pay it, the dance studio policies, and other details you may want to know about the dance class.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to enroll your child in dance lessons can be an exciting adventure for you both, but it can also be a challenging experience. Once you’ve found your answers to these questions, you can start doing the necessary preparations for your little dancer’s success.

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