Ballet Leotard vs. Gymnastics Leotard: What Is the Difference?

Whether you have a young dancer or an aspiring Olympic gymnast on your hands, it pays to know how to set them up for success. One critical way you can support your little girl’s dream is to get them the right clothes. Choosing the right leotard will help them succeed, whether they are doing fouetes and pirouettes or split leaps on the balance beam. 

Although they may look remarkably similar, there are critical differences between a ballet leotard and a gymnastics one. Knowing the difference between these two types of leotards will help your little ones do well in their chosen craft and enjoy every moment they are performing. If you want to ensure peak performance and comfort, we invite you to check out our range of high-quality girls dance leotards.

Ballet Leotard vs. Gymnastics Leotard: What Is the Difference?

Before buying your little girl’s first outfit, you need to consider what artform they have chosen. There are subtle differences between a ballet leotard and one that is used for gymnastics. Below are the specifics that can help you know which one to get for your little girl. 

Ballet Leotards

Ballet is the highest form of dance. During the first few years of formal dance training, young girls need to be as comfortable as they can be in the leotards that they wear for class. Ballet leotards may come in many colours, designs and materials. The most common first leotard that most ballet schools require for first-time dancers is a pink, short-sleeved leotard that is made out of cotton. It should not be too loose, but not tight fitting either. The most crucial consideration in choosing your daughter’s first leotard is comfort.

Gymnastics Leotards

On the other hand, if you are choosing a gymnastics leotard for your child, it is best that you choose one that fits their bodies like a glove. The reason for this is that they will be performing turns and leaps on the vault, balance beam, rings and bars. An ill-fitting leotard will make their jumps, twists, and turns in these events dangerous and will risk them getting caught in some of the equipment in the middle of their performance. An excellent first gymnastics leotard should be spandex or velvet and should have no extra room in the sleeves or bottom. 

The Difference

Ballet leotards may have other design features such as ribbons, sequins, and lace. Gymnastics leotards may be equally as attractive, as they come in bright colours, too. However, the main difference is that gymnastics leotards should be tight-fitting to ensure they do not become a safety hazard to your little girl. 


To sum everything up, it isn’t proper to wear a ballet leotard for gymnastics and vice versa. As a parent of a little girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina or professional gymnast, the job falls to you to ensure that they have everything they need to master their art. It all begins with selecting the best leotards for your child’s first lesson. Going to a shop with everything you need will go a long way, especially for a first-time ballet or gymnastics parent. 

Whether you are looking for a ballet or gymnastics leotard, Pink Lemon Dancewear has you covered! We have a vast array of different styles and options for your little girls. Shop at the best place to find kids’ leotards today!

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