The 3 Most Important Items to Pack In Your Dance Bag

Knowing what to pack for your dance class can be a bit of a mystery!

How much do you need for a dance class? Are you bringing the right things on the wrong days? Or, even worse, do you have what you need on the right days but in the wrong way? Do you even know what you need to bring on the right days?

Taking care of our bodies so we can dance safely and comfortably could require extra items, but you may not always have what you need when you need it. If you don't want to get into a tricky situation that keeps you from dancing, it's crucial to be prepared! 

However, with the number of things you have to keep in mind on top of learning your dance lessons, it can be challenging to figure out everything you need to bring to class.

Here’s a short list of essentials to get you started with packing and add some ease to your dance class routine:

1. Ballerina Clothes

Ballerina tights are an essential item for a dance class that can help you stay warm during a chilly class. A long-sleeved leotard is a great idea for a cold day if you're not a fan of wearing a jacket or sweater so that you can bring a shirt instead.

You should also bring other clothing options like black dance leotards, a skirt, or a crop top and booty shorts for dance. The weather can be unpredictable, and cold, hot, and rainy days are all possible.

If you're bringing a jacket or sweater, be sure to bring it in a plastic bag so you can wash it easily after class. 

2. Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important items for dance class, yet they are easily forgotten. Besides the ballet shoes, you must also remember to bring other possible pairs you need so that you can dance to the best of your abilities.

Not only is it better to be prepared for whatever may happen, but it's also important to be safe! Safe shoes are essential because they can prevent injuries. If you don't have shoes to dance in, you shouldn't dance!

If you have more than one pair of dance shoes, we suggest bringing an extra pair so you won't have to skip class if the shoes you're wearing suddenly break. 

3. Hair Products

Hair products are essential for every girl, and it's crucial to remember them when going to a dance class. Whether you need to do a quick touch up or want to change your hairstyle, you'll be able to do it and replenish your style for the entire week if you remember to bring the supplies you need.

Bringing hair products to class can help keep your hair safe, clean, and silky smooth. You don't want to dance with tangled and messy hair, and you don't want to be too hot.


Dance class can be a fun experience for you and your body! With the right clothes and the right supplies, you'll be able to protect yourself and dance your best. As long as you're prepared and bring the right essentials, you'll get to dance safely and comfortably as much as you want!

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