FAQs About Wearing Leotard Costumes: Our Guide for Moms

As a mom, you’re the proudest when seeing your kids show their talents. As much as possible, you want to support them in any way you can to nurture what they can do. Aside from being with them throughout the practice or competition, part of your support is finding the perfect costume they can wear. 

You’re probably most familiar with leotards if you have a ballerina, gymnast, figure skater or dancer daughter. It’s that tight, stretchy, one-piece garment that they always wear during practice or competition. 

Now, most parents have these common questions about their kid’s leotard costumes. In this article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about leotards so that you can apply the answers once your kids wear leotards. 

Question #1: Do Your Kids Need to Wear Underpants under Their Leotard Costumes?

The answer is no. Your kids don’t have to wear underpants while wearing their leotards. Think of leotards as bathing suits. Leotards have thick materials that will be comfortable for the dancers even without underpants. In fact, wearing no underpants will be more comfortable for them because they can move freely without distractions. 

It is a standard for some classes or competitions to ask young dancers not to wear undies under their leotard costumes, especially during performances, recitals and exams. Since the outfit is a significant factor in any dance competition, the dancers need to look good visually. If the underpants are hanging out, bunched up or too low while wearing their leotard costume, it may ruin not only their look but also their performance because they may get distracted. 

Question #2: Will It Be Unhygienic or Inappropriate Not to Wear Underpants with Their Leotard?

Wearing no undergarments while wearing leotards is not unhygienic or inappropriate at all. Since your kids will not wear their costumes the whole day, you can just wash them right after using them. This way, you can ensure that every leotard they will wear for the next practice is clean and fresh, even if they don’t wear undies. 

When talking about if it will be appropriate, don’t worry, because there are shops like Pink Lemon Dancewear that offer well-made leotards with thick material or with an extra layer of material in the crotch area to give extra protection to your child.

Question #3:  How About If Your Child Still Wears a Nappy?

Don’t worry because some dance classes accept students from the age of 3, and they will find your child too cute when they wear a nappy under their leotards. It’s better to make them wear their nappies instead of having an “accident” during practice or performance. However, it’s still best to talk with the teacher to ask for their recommendation if your child still needs to wear a nappy. 


Leotards are one of the most popular costumes that most dancers use today. If you’re a mom looking for the perfect leotard costume for your child, make sure to get the right fit with a thick material so that your child will be comfortable even if they don’t wear any undies. After all, we know you only want the best for your child, so choose the stores that will give you high-quality leotard costumes or dancewear. 

If you are looking for a reliable dancewear store in Australia, Pink Lemon Dancewear is what you need! We offer different dance costumes, including kids leotards, ballet clothes, shorts, leggings and more. Browse our shop and place your order with us today! 

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